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tap-n-die sets

Subject: tap-n-die sets
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 08:12:15 +0500
Fellow fiends:

I warn you that there is virtually no lbc content in this message but it 
*does* have to do with the tools we use on our lbcs.  I am coming around to 
the idea that it is past time for me to shop for and buy a nice tap and die 
set.  Tools and tool brands can be a personal thing, but I need some advice. 
 Regarding tap and die sets...  my questions are...

----I really don't know how price relates to quality with these things.  
That is, I see a wide range in prices for sets with basically the same 
instuments [comparing Sears (most of my tools) to Griot's ($$$wow$$$) to 
other catalog sets I've seen].  One friend picked up what he says is a 
cadillac set at a garage sale, for pennies.  Another friend says you'll get 
junk unless you spend into three figures.

----Apart from the price, I'm really not sure what to get in the first 
place.  I'm confused about the nomenclature on the individual taps and dies. 
 What should I look for in terms of a good set (a proper range of sizes and 
threads) to use on the lbc (post 1963)?  I assume "standard" (as opposed to 
metric) but what about threading?  fine? coarse?...[actually, both, I 
assume].   What is a good size range to get?  I'm not on terms with thinking 
of bolts and nuts in sizes.  Here to fore I just think of them as fitting or 
not fitting.  

----Does Whitworth (sp?) play into this too?  (I *never* said I was smart!)

What's it all about (Alfie)?  This may be of sufficient interest to the 
entire list?  Otherwise, any wisdom on this (which would be much 
appreciated) can be posted directly to me.  Thanks very much.

Have a great weekend, too!

Will "lost on the learning curve" Zehring

P.S.  If you hurry I can drop hints to my wife re: my xxth birthday  =:o

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