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Re: tap-n-die sets

Subject: Re: tap-n-die sets
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 1995 03:21:28 -0400
A few other places that BA threads are used:
1.  Door fittings on my 67 MGB (latch opening handles, window winders)
2.  Front latches for the convertible top.  And you would notice that
metric, US fine thread, and US course thread do not fit properly!  A
10-32 will do the job though, but the fit is tight.
3.  Misc. fittings under the bonnet for holding relays, switches, solenoids,
overdrive vacuum switches, etc.

Phil Bates

67 MGB
75 Jag XJ12C 
52 MG TD replicar (VW)

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