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FW: tap-n-die sets

To: MGS <>
Subject: FW: tap-n-die sets
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 95 11:33:00 PDT
>What's the net wisdom on tap type - taper, plug, or bottoming?  Would a 
>tap be an adequate compromise rather than buying three taps for each size?

>Maury - just tapping the knowledge - Murray

I'm not familiar with a "plug" tap, but most of a backyard mechanic's use of 
taps will be to chase threads. If you have to clean threads on a hole which 
doesn't go through, you'll never be able to clean all the threads (assuming 
they are threaded to the bottom of the hole) if you use a tapered tap. 
Therefore, for normal use in chasing threads, get bottoming taps. Of course, 
if you are tapping new threads, a tapered tap will be easier to start.

Lew Palmer

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