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Worn Wire Wheel Splines

Subject: Worn Wire Wheel Splines
From: (Mr Andy Smith)
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 10:55:02 GMT
Hello all internet MG gurus.

My question is sort of answered already but a few second opinions would be 

My rear wire wheel splines are work - which means that my rear wheels move 

I arrived at this conclusion thus : 

   1) Jack up rear of car.
   2) Grab the wheel -> it moves when tugged around.
   3) Take the wheel off, grab the splined shaft where the wheel was.
   4) It doesn't move.

2) and 4) lead me to conclude that the bearings are OK, but that the splines
are worn.

So I have 2 questions (well maybe 3 but I don't want to put you all off just 

Q1 - Are my conclusions correct ???? - the biggie

Q2 - How much movement should there be in the bearings, I can't feel any, but
if they were worn would I feel it anyway. (They knockons don't get hot when 
driving at high speed, already checked that one)

Q3 (so there were more than 2) - Can I just replace that splined bit, and not
the whole hub - my haynes manual seems so suggest so. If so, how do I get it 
to part company with the half-shaft that it seems stuck to, will a good bashing
with a hammer get it off.

Q4 (OK I know) - Any hints and tips on doing this - I reckon it should take 
half an hour per side, am I being optimistic ?

Thanks gurus,

Oh PS it's a '77 midget 1500.

Andy Smith. Senior Physicist
Royal Marsden Hospital
Fulham Road, London, SW3 6JJ


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