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Re: Worn Wire Wheel Splines

Subject: Re: Worn Wire Wheel Splines
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 23 Jun 1995 10:28:44 -0500
In <>, Mr Andy Smith wrote:

>My rear wire wheel splines are work - which means that my rear wheels move 

Splined hubs cewrtainly are work, especially when they are worn (with
apologies to Gibbons).

>Q1 - Are my conclusions correct ???? - the biggie

Most likely.

>Q2 - How much movement should there be in the bearings, I can't feel any, but
>if they were worn would I feel it anyway. (They knockons don't get hot when 
>driving at high speed, already checked that one)

There should be absolutely no slop in the bearings.  At.  All.
Fortunately, the rear wheel bearings are huge and underloaded and
generally last a long long time unless abosed (lack of lube, grit).

>Q3 (so there were more than 2) - Can I just replace that splined bit, and not
>the whole hub - my haynes manual seems so suggest so. If so, how do I get it 
>to part company with the half-shaft that it seems stuck to, will a good bashing
>with a hammer get it off.

The splined hubs are one piece and must be replaced as a unit.
Catalog prices run about $150 each.  If you can find good ones in a
junkyard, they are more like $40 each.  NOTE THAT good (unworn)
splines are slightly rounded on top.  If the splines are sharp, forget
it.  The hubs are removed by pulling the !!@#@#!! cotter pin, yanking
off the huge nut that requires a 3/4" drive socket and a five foot
extension to loosen (about 150 ft/lbs), and using a large gear puller
to pop the hub.  You cannot do it without these tools.  Been there,
done that.

>Q4 (OK I know) - Any hints and tips on doing this - I reckon it should>take 
>half an hour per side, am I being optimistic ?

I would gently suggest that the better part of a day be reserved, what
with the need for (operator) lubrication and all.
                        A. B. Bonds

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