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Re: Clutch Slave Cylinder

Subject: Re: Clutch Slave Cylinder
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 23 Jun 1995 10:45:46 -0500
In <>, Mark Jurras wrote:

>I took the Clutch Slave Cylinder (CSC) off last night and found the
>bore to be quite pitted in the front and rear. Needless to say
>it leaked like a sieve. The piston has some spots of corrosion. The
>Push Rod (PR) is also very corroded. The clutch fork end of the
>pushrod that has the hole for the pin is oval. Should it be round?
>The pin is worn about .040" deep where it contacts the push rod. 
>Is this worth a rebuild or re-sleave? Or should I just replace the
>whole mess??  

Nothing you describe is surprising.  New cylinders are less expensive
than sleeving -- try Northwest Import Parts or Special Interest Parts,
around $50.  In general abused systems (lack of lube) will have
hugely worn clevis pins and ovality in both the pushrod and fork.
Without question you should replace the pushrod and clevis pin.  If
the fork hole is worn, the bushing (and possibly the pivot bolt) will
also ask for replacement.  This can be assessed by looking for lateral
slop in the fork.  Unfortunately, the cure requires removal of the engine
at least, and as long as it's out, why not replace the clutch and
throwout bearing as well, etc etc etc. 

I'd fix the stuff you can get at now and live with it until you have a
substantial reason to do the extraction.  The usual consequence of
ovality, loose bushing, worn throwout, etc is that the clutch grabs
very early on. Makes you think you have a great clutch, but you don't.
                                A. B. Bonds

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