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77B Won't Start

To: MG Mailing List <>
Subject: 77B Won't Start
From: Visual Productions <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 95 01:18:46 MDT
My recently-purchased '77B has become quite a headache. I wouldn't 
try so hard to keep the thing on the road if it didn't look so good.

Here's the progression of events:
A few weeks ago the car started to run rough. It would occasionally 
misfire or suffer a loss of power when I would accelerate to highway 
speeds or to climb hills. This happened, by the way, the day after it 
passed Texas' safety & emissions inspection for the first time.

The misfire and loss of power turned to horrible backfiring and 
sometimes flames out of the carb.

The PO did a lot of modifications including: removing all emissions 
control equipment (I have no idea how it passed the test), installing 
a Weber Carb, and, a recent discovery, a contactless electronic 
ignition system.

The car won't even start at this time. I replaced the distributor cap 
and rotor, and fixed the pickup on the contactless ignition system. 
The plugs are sparking and the engine is turning - it just won't fire 
up. The choke and throttle on the carb both check out.

A strange happening: occasionally the carb spits fuel out of the air 
intake as the engine is being cranked.

Any thoughts?

Brian Wancho

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