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Re: 77B Won't Start

To: JAMES <>
Subject: Re: 77B Won't Start
From: David Simpson <>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 09:42:41 -0700 (PDT)

> Anyway, I once had an inspection-type guy "reset" the carb on my Buick.
> Although they aren't supposed to change anything on your car, it happens. On
> the one hand, they are doing you a favor, but I'd rather they keep their mitts
> off my toys.
> James B.
> '71 MGB
> '71 LeSabre

I had my 77B in for smog one time, and it was taking forever, so I looked 
over the shoulder of the kid doing the check; he had the timing/dwell 
lead connected to the GROUND lug inside the distributor, had broken the 
wire going to the points, and had been messing with it for about 45 
minutes like this. I called the ownwer over (it was his nephew or something),
and complained and I was out of there in about 10 minutes with a smog 
cert! Of course the timing was set so far off I barely made it home. 
    Then last year, I went in for smog (diferent place), went for a walk, 
had lunch, etc. I came back and found my car idling, with a small stream 
of steam shooting out of the seam of the coolant recovery tank, and the 
temp guage PEGGED on hot! When I yelled, the guy said yeah, it was a 
little hot, he'd had to work on it a little longer than usual. I guess 
the electric fans don't do all that well over the long run, because it 
was HOT. Couple of days later I noticed that the head was cracked. Of 
course, no way to go back to the shop and do anything about it (legally 
     Moral of stoy: Most "Smog Technicians" don't seem to know squat 
about mechanics, at least the ones I run into. Or the ones I would like 
to run into!

David Simpson
'77 MGB
'81 Ford pick-em-up
'92 Minivan
'63 Wife

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