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Re: 77B Won't Start

To: Visual Productions <>
Subject: Re: 77B Won't Start
From: "Christopher W. Reichle" <Christopher.W.Reichle@students.Miami.EDU>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 13:55:18 -0400 (EDT)
Sounds bad...
Do a compression check and a vacuum test. It sounds like you may have a 
valve train problem. I would guess that you will have low compression and 
your vacuum test will show regular spikes (if you can get it running). 
Sounds expensive. Let me know what you find out from the tests.

Chris Reichle 

On Thu, 10 Aug 1995, Visual Productions wrote:

> My recently-purchased '77B has become quite a headache. I wouldn't 
> try so hard to keep the thing on the road if it didn't look so good.
> Here's the progression of events:
> A few weeks ago the car started to run rough. It would occasionally 
> misfire or suffer a loss of power when I would accelerate to highway 
> speeds or to climb hills. This happened, by the way, the day after it 
> passed Texas' safety & emissions inspection for the first time.
> The misfire and loss of power turned to horrible backfiring and 
> sometimes flames out of the carb.
> The PO did a lot of modifications including: removing all emissions 
> control equipment (I have no idea how it passed the test), installing 
> a Weber Carb, and, a recent discovery, a contactless electronic 
> ignition system.
> The car won't even start at this time. I replaced the distributor cap 
> and rotor, and fixed the pickup on the contactless ignition system. 
> The plugs are sparking and the engine is turning - it just won't fire 
> up. The choke and throttle on the carb both check out.
> A strange happening: occasionally the carb spits fuel out of the air 
> intake as the engine is being cranked.
> Any thoughts?
> Brian Wancho

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