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Re: Rover V8!!

Subject: Re: Rover V8!!
From: (Bryan Oakley)
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 1995 15:43:50 -0600
>This is my first time posting, although I have been an avid fan for
>months.  I am dreaming of dropping a Rover V8 in my '70 mgbgt, but want to
>find one cheap.  My question is:  What vehicles have Rover V8 engines?
>Which Buicks?
>Anyone with advice is my hero.

There's one really easy answer: Triumph TR8. Not a lot around, but they
have the 3.5l version. Mines for sale, but you have to buy the car
surrounding it so it won't be very cost effective.

Another answer: buy a range rover. They have the 3.9l version (or are they
over 4 now?). Still probably not cost effective :-)

Sadly, I don't remember which old buicks have the engine, but they are out
there. I would love to hear your success story. I'm seriously considering
buying a '71 gt in the next week or so, and have lusted after those V8 gt's
since I first heard of em'. That rover powerplant is so sweet. I guess what
I ought to do is keep my 8 and buy the gt, then marry them. Sadly, the
funds are lacking.

Good luck!

Bryan Oakley, Software Engineer
Healthcare Communications, Inc.  Dallas, Tx.

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