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Re: Rover V8!!

Subject: Re: Rover V8!!
From: "TeriAnn Wakeman" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 15:16:16 -0700
In message <> "Berrie C. Watson" writes:
> This is my first time posting, although I have been an avid fan for
> months.  I am dreaming of dropping a Rover V8 in my '70 mgbgt, but want to
> find one cheap.  My question is:  What vehicles have Rover V8 engines? 

In the US (I'm assuming thats where you are located) Land Rover D90 and D110, 
Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Morgan +8.  You don't want to buy one to 
donate an engine.

> Which Buicks?  
> Anyone with advice is my hero.

You will need to modify your firewall to get it to fit.  I would send to Moss UK
for a catalogue to cover the MGBGT V8 and see what special things they might 
have like engine mounts, transmission stuff, heavy duty radiators, etc.
> Berrie Watson
> MGBGT '70
> 76 Honda (commuter)

Sorry I don't want to be a heroine to anyone who commutes in a rice burner when 
you have a MGBGT to commute in.


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