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Re: Rover V8!!

Subject: Re: Rover V8!!
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 17:29:52 PDT
> This is my first time posting, although I have been an avid fan for
> months.  I am dreaming of dropping a Rover V8 in my '70 mgbgt, but want to
> find one cheap.  My question is:  What vehicles have Rover V8 engines? 
> Which Buicks?  
> Anyone with advice is my hero.
> Berrie Watson
> MGBGT '70
> 76 Honda (commuter)
Since no one else has answered the Buick part of this question, I'll
tell what little I know on the subject.  Some model (or maybe more) 
of '62 (and possibly '63) Buicks got the all-aluminum V8.  Years ago,
these could still be found in junk yards.  I was told there's a good 
reason why they were in junk yards -- the aluminum engines corroded 
badly.  The story is that Rover bought the molds or rights to use the
engine or something from Buick so it's not a Rover engine in a Buick, 
but a Buick engine in a Rover.  Like the shrunk down Chrysler Hemi in
the Daimler SP250 (Dart) I used to own.

Denise "what I don't know, I make up" Thorpe

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