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Re: Names for cars?

Subject: Re: Names for cars?
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 20:40:09 -0500

>In my street lived a lady who drove a red/white early Healey in original 
>unrestored condition. She always had the top down, no matter what weather 
>(OK, that was in Tucson, Arizona...). I pulled up next to her at the 
>neighborhood gas station in my Sprite and started talking about cars. She 
>said "So what is yours named?" as if that was the most normal thing to 
>ask (like "how much oil does yours loose?"). Fortunately, I had named my 
>Sprite on an exciting trip to San Francisco (crud from the tank in one of 
>the carbs every couple of hours, dead NEW battery). 
>So I replied "Ian!", also pretending this to be the most normal 
>conversation. She said "Well meet Huxley (sp?)". 
>Nice name I think.
>Actually on that trip with many breakdowns, I even named the two carbs, 
>but that's a different story...
>Ulix "Let's hope my fuel pump stays anonymous!" Goettsch
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>OK , all your letters on names is being sent to Dr. Joyce Brothers' discussion 
>Mike (the father of Plum) Leckstein

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