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Subject: MGF vs BMW Z3
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 20:33:15 -0500
The new Road and Track arrived today and the front cover reveals a tragedy for 
North American MG fans.  The cover shows the new BMW Z3 . Also on the cover ( 
the bottom ) " The Return of MG. " 
     The Jan. edition has a road test and article on both cars.( not a 
comparison )  On looks, performance ( the 143 bhp version of the MG ) and 
detail, the MG wins hands down. Yet we don't get the MG in North America, and I 
don't believe we ever will.

    The acquistion of Rover last year by BMW doomed our chances. Why would the 
parent company market a rival car (MG) in North America when it is building the 
Z3 in a new plant in South Carolina. We have a choice between the Miata or the 
BMW Z3. In other words the market (the biggest in the world ) is all theirs. I 
had hoped when the MGF was being developed that there was a chance we would see 
the car by 1997 sold through Rover dealerships. The Range Rover does well here. 
The purchase by BMW ended that.

   If you see Golden Eye , you can understand the power of the parent company. 
James Bond drives a lovely Aston Martin in the early part of the movie, but in 
totally unnecessary scene spends thirty seconds in an ugly Z3 for no apparent 
purpose but to advertise the car for American audiences. Gee, James Bond drives 
a BMW! Poor Ian Fleming. 

  I'm sorry if I offend those out their who love BMW's but its no MG, its not 
British, and Bond would hate it. 

   The New York Times a week ago Sunday had a clue in the Sunday crossword.   
"small sport cars" The answer wasn't Miata or BMW. MG means sport car, the 
have a new one the Germans can buy it, the Japanese can't get enough of them 
we get a BMW made in South Carolina! Its a cruel world.

Mike ( I'm angry ) Leckstein 

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