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Ian & Huxley

Subject: Ian & Huxley
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 95 17:51:31 PST
Ulix said:

> In my street lived a lady who drove a red/white early Healey in original 
> unrestored condition. She always had the top down, no matter what weather 
> (OK, that was in Tucson, Arizona...). I pulled up next to her at the 
> neighborhood gas station in my Sprite and started talking about cars. She 
> said "So what is yours named?" as if that was the most normal thing to 
> ask (like "how much oil does yours lose?"). Fortunately, I had named my 
> Sprite on an exciting trip to San Francisco (crud from the tank in one of 
> the carbs every couple of hours, dead NEW battery). 
> So I replied "Ian!", also pretending this to be the most normal 
> conversation. She said "Well meet Huxley (sp?)". 

You should have formally introduced the cars, "Ian, this is Huxley;
Huxley, this is Ian" just to see her reaction.  Then bend down so you
can hear what Ian is saying to you about Huxley.

Denise Thorpe, whose cars don't have names OR genders

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