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Re: MGF vs BMW Z3

To: (mgs)
Subject: Re: MGF vs BMW Z3
From: (Todd Mullins)
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 11:23:50 -0600 (CST)
>     The acquistion of Rover last year by BMW doomed our chances.
> Why would the parent company market a rival car (MG) in North America
> when it is building the Z3 in a new plant in South Carolina. We have
> a choice between the Miata or the BMW Z3. In other words the market
> (the biggest in the world ) is all theirs. I had hoped when the MGF
> was being developed that there was a chance we would see the car by
> 1997 sold through Rover dealerships. The Range Rover does well here. 
> The purchase by BMW ended that.

A couple of points:

- The MGF is not a rival of the Z3.  The MGF is a mid-engined
  Hydragas-suspended roadster, while the Z3 uses front-engine/rear-drive
  and conventional BMW suspension.  Okay, so they're both roadsters.

- The MGF meets all current US emissions and crashworthiness
  legislation.  I'm desperately clinging to the Pollyanna dream of Rover
  "changing their mind" in a year or two.  Letter-writing campaign,

The current issue of _european car_ features both cars, with nothing but
high praise for each.  Recommended reading.

Actually, I'm very serious about an organized mass opinion attempting to
sway the powers-that-be.  Does anyone have a postal address for Rover?
Can we all get together and complain about this?


Todd Mullins    On the lovely Mississippi (USA) Coast

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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