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Re: MowoGroup

Subject: Re: MowoGroup
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 23:29:30 -0500
In a message dated 95-12-17 10:57:39 EST, Randy wrote:

<< For years I thought that it stood for Morris Wolseley Group.  But recently
a friend sent me Anders Ditlev Clausager's book. "Original MGB".  In it on
page 69 in a picture caption he points out the MOWOG trademark and says
"....the detachable gearbox side cover bears the legend 'MOWOG' which was the
old Nuffield Organization and later BMC parts trademark standing for Morris,
Wolseley, MG." >>

Now Mike, this is powerful evidence since Anders has tremendous research
resources at his disposal but the way he phrased it, well I cannot concede
yet. Mike Allison testamony is powerful indeed also but while researching
Mowog in his book, I found a mistake in the SVW section so Allison is not
infallable either.   What we need is to ask Anders to research BL Heritage
records for the definitive answer.....I'll write to him so that this thread
may be gracefully put to sleep.....

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