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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 10:40:30 -0500
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Subj:    Re: MowoGroup
Date:    95-12-17 10:57:39 EST
From:    MGBay
To:      T A TERRY

This MOWOG discussion has been interesting to me.  For years I thought that
it stood for Morris Wolseley Group.  But recently a friend sent me Anders
Ditlev Clausager's book. "Original MGB".  In it on page 69 in a picture
caption he points out the MOWOG trademark and says "....the detachable
gearbox side cover bears the legend 'MOWOG' which was the old Nuffield
Organization and later BMC parts trademark standing for Morris, Wolseley,

BTW, if you don't have this book you should get a copy.  It is one of the
most informative MGB and associated models background books I have seen.
 Great detailed, color photographs of all aspects of our much loved cars.
 Mr. Clausager has been with the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust since
1979 serving in the capacity of Archivist.

Also, BTW, in the credits section of his book he acknowledges the assistance
of John Twist and Caroline Robinson of University Motors, Grand Rapids,

I'll include the usual disclaimer of no interest financially or otherwise in
this book.  I wish I did because I'm sure that it will be a profitable
venture for someone, but then I'm too busy trying to make a living helping
people keep their LBCs alive and on the road!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Randy Balogh
Strictly British, Inc.
Lebanon, Ohio

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