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Re: females on list

Subject: Re: females on list
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 95 16:35:42 PST
Gen said:

> I'm one, new to my car -- only had _him_ since Thanksgiving.  

Welcome to MG's and the list!

> every guy I've met 
> for the last 6 months has been weird or has a girlfriend already, the 
> latest perfect guy having found a girlfriend (not me) two days 
> after the blowtorch-like flame shot out of James' starter solenoid.  

There are lots of perfect guys on this list.  Just ask 'em!

> The 
> theory is that James was jealous of the time I was spending with the guy, 
> had to do something to get my attention -- as a result, I have a car 
> that's broken and no man.  

I can understand being upset about the car.  My car has been with me
through a lot of men.  Back when I first got my car, I got a lot of 
weird reactions from guys about the car.  They fell into two categories.  
One was the assumption that I must be an idiot to buy an old British car, 
therefore I needed to be protected by not being allowed to make any 
decisions for myself.  I once told a story like this to the list.  The 
other was the assumption that my car was always going to be broken down 
and need work that I couldn't afford and I'd need rides everywhere I 
needed to go, so I'd be a blood sucking leach that would drain a guy dry.
Even though I told every guy I met that I was a professional MG mechanic,
they still couldn't believe that I could keep my car running.  I still
don't know if that was an insult to MG's or me.

My car and I are now much older (and it's a classic and I'm not) and the 
world (at least Southern California) has mellowed out.  Now guys think 
it's really cool that I have old cars and can work on them because they 
want me to work on their cars too!  That's why I live with someone with a 
'91 Toyota truck.

> I always read Denise Thorpe though.  

How could you avoid me?  I post every 30 seconds or so.

> What jobs have you not had?

Well, the first one that comes to mind is the oldest one.  Actually, 
the list of jobs I haven't had stretches to the moon and back.  I've
just acquired a few skills over the years (lots of years).  I recently 
saw brain surgery performed and it looked pretty easy, but no one will 
let me try it.

Denise Thorpe again

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