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Re: My car must be male

Subject: Re: My car must be male
From: Peter Rebbechi <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 13:45:05 +1100 (EST)
no apologies required.
Sorta tongue in cheek.
recentey we had a JAG concours here in Victoria, with over 400 Jag's in 
attendance.  The owners ran the full range of 'quirky' to perky.
The problem with generalisations is that they don't actually apply to anyone.
I make this mistake often.
I suppose my message was that even us poor folk lust after nice cars. 
Some get the chance to own them, and others pursue this chance.  I have 
met many people that could not save for a house, yet had exquisite 
machinery.  A bit like dog owners.  Have a look at the people who could 
most use some dietary advice (hmmm) and you will see that in a 
supermarket, they will throw half a dozen frozen anythings in the trolley 
for themselves, and spend half an hour reading the dog food cans to 
ensure that Fido gets a balanced diet.
many people with the best cars (yes, virginia, they do drive them!) have 
the whole rest of their life in tatters.  The car is their saving grace 
with sanity.

regards.  No offense intended from myself either.

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