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Re: various topics

Subject: Re: various topics
From: (David Hay )
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 01:06:07 -0800
Dear fellow constituents,

I just thought I might share and interesting find.

About a week or so ago, my mother and I went to some local antique 
dealers in town (I collect radios and she collects glassware). At one 
shop I found a beautiful model of a MG TD. It is a cast metal car 
painted in red and has cream interior. The top is in the folded 
position and it has silver disc wheels. The car appears to be 1/10th 
scale and is manufactured by a German company that I can't pronounce 
and don't remember (sorry). I was wondering if any of you have ever 
seen this model before, did this company make any other MGs besides the 
TD, and what can I expect to pay for such a piece of art? I keep 
thinking about buying it, but.....

I also recall someone on the list asking about a "Jesus" nut. I'm not 
sure but I recall reading an article about military helicopters, and 
how on a particular type of helo, only one large nut is used to secure 
the rotor assembly. This nut became known to the pilots and mechanics 
as the "Jesus Nut" since it is so very important for obvious reasons. I 
think that's how the story went, anyone else care to comment? So the 
person who mentioned the "jesus nut" on an MG is just refering to the 
single nut that holds the steering wheel on. It's a fairly important 
nut ;).

Dave Hay
77B still in mothballs

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