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Subject: FW: various topics
From: "Palmer, Lew (UCI)" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 96 09:57:00 PST
About a week or so ago, my mother and I went to some local antique
dealers in town (I collect radios and she collects glassware). At one
shop I found a beautiful model of a MG TD. It is a cast metal car
painted in red and has cream interior. The top is in the folded
position and it has silver disc wheels. The car appears to be 1/10th
scale and is manufactured by a German company that I can't pronounce
and don't remember (sorry). I was wondering if any of you have ever
seen this model before, did this company make any other MGs besides the
TD, and what can I expect to pay for such a piece of art? I keep
thinking about buying it, but.....
This sounds like a Doepke (pronounced "dop'-key". This was manufactured in 
the early to mid fifties by a company out of Ohio. They were a kit which one 
could paint as desired. (The original box says " look like your Dad's 
MG...") Prices range from a low of $200 for a rough example, to a high of 
over $1000 for a new unbuilt kit in the original box. These are Minnesota 
prices, so YMMV. The same company also manufactured a Jaguar of the same 

Lew Palmer

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