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Oil/Grease in MGB steering rack.

To: (MG's)
Subject: Oil/Grease in MGB steering rack.
From: Jeremy DuBois <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 12:29:10 -0500 (EST)
Hi all,

  Here I thought the grease/oil thing was over when I finished cleaning the
grease out of my Spitfire's trunions, but no...

  I opened up the steering rack on my 74 MGB and found grease in it, which
seemed fine and dandy to me, until I looked at the manual which says there
should be oil in there.  
  Anybody know why I'd find grease in there instead of oil?  Just ignorance
on the part of the PO?  From the looks of all the internal parts, it doesn't
seem to have been detrimental, but it also looks like a fairly new rack.
  I'm currently planning to put oil in when I rebuild it, since that's what
the manuals state.

                          Thanks for any info,

                                        Jeremy DuBois
                                        Programmer/System Administrator
                                        Thermalogic Corporation
                                        '74 MGB, '76 Spit

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