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Re: Oil/Grease in MGB steering rack.

Subject: Re: Oil/Grease in MGB steering rack.
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 17:13:06 -0700
At 02:32 PM 1/6/96 +0500, Jay Tilton wrote:

>That's the one.  Underneath the cover you'll find three pieces to the damper
>assembly, one of which is a short spring.  The spring isn't loaded enough to
>make things fly apart, so don't fear disassembly.  Also, there will be one
>or more very thin shims between the cover and the rack--don't lose any of them.
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I remove these pieces, add the gear oil, and then reassemble. I do this once
or twice a year. It is messy as I invariably drip oil on the rack in the
process. But outside of the mess, it is a simple job not to be feared.

David Councill                                                       

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