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Re: Gorgi model MGs

To: Lloyd Decker <>
Subject: Re: Gorgi model MGs
From: Don Mathis <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 1996 09:50:17 -0500
At 06:42 PM 1/4/96 -0600, you wrote:
>The two new diecast  model MGs from Gorgi are 1/18 scale. The MGB is
>available in three colors. Tartan Red and Old English White are the two
>standard versions and list price in the US is $55. The third color is Racing
>Green, it is a limited edition and costs more. The second model is the new
>MGF which also comes in three colors. The Metallic charcoal is the limited
>edition version. The two standard versions are Flame Red and Racing Green.
>Both are beautiful models with opening bonnets and doors, steering wheel
>that turns...lots of nice detail, even underneath. Be aware both are right
>hand drive. The B is an early model (1963, I think) and has the metal dash.
>The dash has too much curve, but otherwise it is nice.  The limited editions
>come with a nice wooden base with plaque. I bought the two limited editions
>through the MG Owners Club (England) and paid $60 each, including almost $18
>each shipping - still cheaper than normal retail in the US.  The December
>issue of The American MGB Association Octagon has an adv from Asheville
>DieCast in Asheville, NC offering the regular versions for $34.95 each.
>Never heard of them before, and know nothing about the company, but the
>price is real good. Hope this answers some of the questions on these. Lloyd
>Decker, Editor, Kansas City MG Post.
        A guy here in the office received a beautiful metal MGA, 1:16 scale
sent to him by his brother in Kansas City.  The model is made by
"Tonka-Polistil", #01869.  It is green but there is another color
available......I don't know what it is.  Unfortunately, I have not been able
to find this model nor could the guy in Kansas City find another. Somewhere
out there is a red metal MGA with my name on it !

Don Mathis
AT&T - Bell Laboratories
Norcross, Georgia
'61 MGA     '37 Bentley

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