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Re: Hydrolastic pressurization, anyone?

Subject: Re: Hydrolastic pressurization, anyone?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 10:12:15 PST
Glen (proud owner of an 1100) asked:

> I guess this will get a response form the Godess of 1100's...

Aw, shucks.

> I'm thinking of fixing up my MG 1100 sedan and think I might want to drop the
> subframes front and back if I find corrosion at the attachment points.  If I
> do that, I have to depressurize the hydrolastic suspension.  The suspension
> seems to be in decent shape at present.
> How am I going to repressurize the system?  Do you know of anyone or any
> business that will lend or rent me the necessary equipment or a shop near
> Philadelphia which can do the work?  I've heard various things about
> pressurized garden sprayers with fittings and so forth, but what I really
> need are specifics, especially if someone out there has actually done this.

To tell you the truth, I've never worked on the hydrolastic suspension in
an MG 1100 because none of the four I've owned have needed it and I never 
worked on an 1100 when I worked on MG's for a living.  The people who know
about hydrolastic suspension live on the Mini-list because an MG 1100 is a 
big Mini.  They can be reached at  

Be prepared for some razzing about having an 1100.  In Miniland, 1100's are 
just parts cars for Minis or the car they started with before graduating to
Minis--if someone can be said to "graduate" to a car that's so small the body
seams have to stick _out_.

Denise Thorpe, in 1100 snobbery

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