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Re: Hydrolastic pressurization, anyone?

Subject: Re: Hydrolastic pressurization, anyone?
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 18:26:36 -0500

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, wrote:
>I guess this will get a response form the Godess of 1100's...
>I'm thinking of fixing up my MG 1100 sedan and think I might want to drop the
>subframes front and back if I find corrosion at the attachment points.  If I
>do that, I have to depressurize the hydrolastic suspension.  The suspension
>seems to be in decent shape at present.
>How am I going to represserize the system?  Do you know of anyone or any
>business that will lend or rent me the necessary equipment or a shop near
>Philadelphia which can do the work?  I've heard various things about
>pressurized garden sprayers with fittings and so forth, but what I really
>need are specifics, especially if someone out there has actually done this.
>Thanks very much.
>Glen (trying to keep my nascar/scca status current) Wilson
>Glen, my former neighbour who now lives in North Carolina has an 1100. When he 
got it , he discovered a shop on the Jersey shore that was once was but no 
longer is an MG dealership. In the back was a special device? pump? that was a 
special dealership item to recharge the hydrolastic susp. The mechanic gave him 
the damm thing and I'm sure he still has it. If you can't locate one or find a 
method to recharge without it let me know and I will give you my friends tel.#.

Mike Leckstein 

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