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Re: B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII

Subject: Re: B/GT rear window de-icer, MkII
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 22:28:59 -0500
> ---when was the switch made from a dynamo-based system to the 
> alternator-based system?  Was it in '68 (coincident with the switch to 
> negative gound)?
> Will "pathetic, isn't he?" Zehring
Will, FWIW I have a 67BGT. It is Positive Earth and has a dynamo. It also has 
what looks like a K-Mart special Back Light Defogger. The switch is to the left 
of the stering wheel (LHD) up neat the top. The wiring goes up to the head 
liner. It appears to be a DPO installation although the manual shows the wiring 
as an option.

- -Mark "I got 20 inches of new snow in my driveway" Jurras

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