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Re: Fuel Pump Failure (again!)

To: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Subject: Re: Fuel Pump Failure (again!)
From: "John M. Trindle" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:02:09 -0500 (EST)
On 7 Jan 1996, A. B. Bonds wrote:

> In <>, John M. Trindle 
> >I have had a second fuel pump go out in as many months on my '73 MGB.  
> >
> >This is starting to look chronic!  Any ideas?  Thanks!
> >
> At the risk of appearing foolish, I'd suggest another SU pump.  The
> original lasted about 20 years, after all.  The new pumps come
> complete with suppression diode, which extends point life quite a bit.
> Besides, Vicky Brit has them on sale now for about $80 or so.  I have
> only had trouble with bad rebuilds of same.

Actually, the SU fuel pump I mentioned WAS a replacement, also purchased 
from Seven.  I put that in back in the fall because I didn't care for the 
Delco fuel pump on there (which worked like a charm, by the way, except it 
got very warm).  

I am not sure if my SU was a rebuild or new, now that you mention it.  
Whatever, I know it did not last 20 years.

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