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Re: Fuel Pump Failure (again!)

Subject: Re: Fuel Pump Failure (again!)
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 10:49:21 -0500
> I have had a second fuel pump go out in as many months on my '73 MGB.  
> The SU brand pump failed by becoming totally silent.  This one (a 
> plastic-bodied one from Seven) will click once for voltage applied, and 
> once when it is removed.  It doesn't "throw over" though.  I got home 
> yesterday by clicking the ignition on-off to fill the float bowls (5 
> miles, in traffic.  Yeesh).  The SU responded to tapping for a while 
> before it completely died.  This one doesn't, and I am afraid to hit it 
> too hard because of the plastic, anyway.

I am no SU fuel pump expert. When I got my '67BGT the pump did not work
with power applied to it. All I did was burnish (scrape off the
oxidization) the contacts with some 3/0 emery. I beleive there is an
adjustment so that you can set the "throw over" point. Maybe yours is
set marginally.

Since yours clicks when you apply and remove power the contacts appear
to be ok, but, could be burnt enough to limit the current flow 'so the
pump don' work so good'.

- -Mark   = =o&o

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