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Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)

Subject: Zenith-Stromberg Carb (SINGLE)
From: (Tim Moses)
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 10:03:07 -0700
OK, I finally did it.  I pulled my single Zenith-Stromberg Carb off my 1979
MGB.  I disassembled it, cleaned everything, replaced gaskets, washers, etc.
that came with the "MOSS Rebuild Kit" (For future reference: Overpriced and
contains many items not relevant to any one setup).

        Got the MG to fire although horribly, rough and wouldn't sustain
(i.e., run).  Ended up flooding the cylinders several times.  Think the carb
needle needs replacing.  Tried turning everything and adjusting everything
to the point I now have no idea where exactly the car is for: 

        idle set speed
        idle mix
        fine idle mix
        needle (carb) adjustment

Please help me start from some reference point for all of the above and
progress from there.  The Haynes MGB book and the Haynes Zenith Carb book
mysteriously fail to mention this tidbit of info.

        One other note:  the car "appears" to have ~76,000 miles on it.
This is probably the first time the carbureator has received any attention.
I doubt if the needle has ever been replaced.  Heard once (on this list)
that a needle should last ~45,000 miles.

        Thanks in advance.

        Tim "who basked in the sun this weekend but couldn't take the MG out
on the road" Moses 
        Augusta, GA  "We're a hole in one!"

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