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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 12:37:51 -30000
Bob N. wrote:

>What I find interesting is that the people I know who are educated
>about cars drive British, but I can't only think of a couple of people
>who drive German cars who know anything about cars.

I've had a couple of BMW's over the years (both 2002's.)  I was also a member 
of the BMW club for awhile.  There's some neat things about the BMW's, and 
they do run well.  However, I don't think they are more reliable than any 
other car, and parts are really expensive.

My experience with the club members was they wanted to drive them, weren't 
much interested in how the cars worked, definitely weren't interested in 
restoring them, and there was a substantial ego factor.  My final club 
meeting was one where the major activity was comparing ski resorts (emphasis 
on one-upping your neighbor). Not all the members met this stereotype, but a 
substantial percentage did.

We should also all feel lucky that there is a British Motor Heritage Corp.  I 
once got ahold of a 2002 parts list that was a copy of a copy of a copy, 
presented to me as if it were a long lost treasure.  There was nothing else 
available, and BMW doesn't support their older cars at all.  Think about that 
the next time you look thru your well-illustrated parts catalog.

Sean Johnson
'75 Spitfire (it may break, but I can at least get parts)

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