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Re: Did You Read...

Subject: Re: Did You Read...
From: (John A. Wise)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 08:41:10 -0500
I would like to second the comments of Robert Rhodes about LBCs and German
cars.  I own both a 77 MGB and a 77 Porsche 911.  I love them both.  

For awesome power and reasonable comfort you cannot beat the 911.  Its
handling near the limit is exciting to say the least.  However, driving it
near its limits tougt to do - without getting put in jail.  The Porsche
Club of America offers high speed driving training and club racing to it

The MGB is a great car for FL - put the top down and have at it.  I can
drive the B near its limits with only a small chance of going to jail.  I
have owned a TR3, an MGA, a Midget, & now the MGB.  They have all been
great fun. I have enjoyed working on them and driving them and dollar for
dollar they are extremely hard to beat for fun.

To be sure there a lot of snobs who drive Porsches/BMWs/etc., but then
there a lot of wierd people who drive LBCs.  


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