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To: Sean Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Did You Read...
From: Robert Rhodes <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 22:51:36 -0500 (EST)

        As an owner of both an MG and a BMW I feel compelled to write.  I 
have driven both types of cars for a number of years and enjoy both for 
what they deliver.  They are very different in design and theory.  Each 
has very good points and down sides.

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996, Sean Johnson wrote:

> they do run well.  However, I don't think they are more reliable than any 
> other car, and parts are really expensive.

        My experience has been that it isn't that the BMW parts are so 
expensive, but rather that the MG parts are so cheap.

> My experience with the club members was they wanted to drive them, weren't 
> much interested in how the cars worked, definitely weren't interested in 
> restoring them, and there was a substantial ego factor.  My final club 
> meeting was one where the major activity was comparing ski resorts (emphasis 
> on one-upping your neighbor). Not all the members met this stereotype, but a 
> substantial percentage did.

        I am a member of the BMW car Club which is devoted to both 
maintaining and driving the cars.  The Roundel has colums devoted to 
troubleshooting and maintance of BMWs.  Also there is a strong BMW 
mailing list which is largely devoted to maintaining BMWs much lik the MG 

> We should also all feel lucky that there is a British Motor Heritage Corp.  I 
> once got ahold of a 2002 parts list that was a copy of a copy of a copy, 
> presented to me as if it were a long lost treasure.  There was nothing else 
> available, and BMW doesn't support their older cars at all.  Think about that 
> the next time you look thru your well-illustrated parts catalog.
        BMW has a division called mobile tradition exclusively devoted to 
the older BMW models.

        Rob in Columbia.

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