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9:1 pistons

Subject: 9:1 pistons
From: rbolian@Synopsys.COM (Roland Bolian)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 12:44:01 -0800
Hello Everyone,

        I plan on having the engine and transmission rebuilt on my '76
Midget. I would like to go with a higher displacement (i.e. 9:1 pistons).
What I need to know is what is involved, if anything, in going to the
higher displacement pistons. Is the higher displacment ratio caused by the
shape or by the size of the piston head itself. Also, are thier any other
special considerations I should take into account? I'd like to keep
everything as original as possible.
I have a Zenith-Stomberg carb- will this do, or will I have to go with a
different carb assembly? Will I have to have the lift of the valves
increased? I'm fairly new to all of this- but I LOVE MY CAR!! HELP!!
Roland Bolian-

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