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Re: 9:1 pistons

Subject: Re: 9:1 pistons
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 10:35:28 EST

I don't know what the law where you are says about emmissions and modifications
to engines, but I am told that in Germany the usual way to increase perfomance
is to increase the compression ratio because the vehicle testing stations have
books with photos of the engine bays of cars and if it looks modified you fail!

British MG's seem to run very well on our unleaded fuel, at 95 octane, if you
do something to replace the lead to protect the valve seats. These cars
generally have CR's of 9:1 or higher.


Dave Brooke
72 BGT V8
76 Midget ( 10:1 CR - goes very well! )

          Date:     19-Jan-1996 10:35am
          From:     Dave Brooke
          Tel No:   01923 664574
          Subject: Re: 9:1 pistons

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