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Re: 9:1 pistons

Subject: Re: 9:1 pistons
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:34:45 -0500

Displacement is determined by the bore and stroke of the engine and is 
not altered simply by changing pistons.  You would have to bore the 
engine or increase the stroke to achieve higher displacement.

Compression is the ratio of cylinder volume @ bdc/volume @ tdc.  Simply 
boring the engine will usually yield a higher CR using the same shape 
piston.  A different piston shape will also alter compression ratio.  
Higher CR can also be achieved by reducing the volume of the combustion 
chamber -- usually achieved by skimming the head.

As for carburettors and valves, it isn't necessary to change them, though 
that would yield even more power.   Howeever, at higher compression 
ratios, you usually need a high-output ignition system and a revised 
advance curve.  Colder plugs are usually needed too.  You'll also be 
running octane booster CONSTANTLY and the extra compression does stress 
the crank, rods and bearings much more than stock.

My advice is as follows -- if you live in California, DON'T SCREW WITH 
IT!!! Just rebuild it as stock or you'll never pass smog again in a 
million years.  If you live outside California, my advice is to put 
together a well balanced system rather than focusing on high-performance 
from one element of your engine.  You'll be much better served by going 
to somewhat less compression than 9:1, ie like the 8.8:1 in the older 
1275 engines and a mild road cam.  A Weber DGV downdraft and a street 
(not race) header would help too.  Unless you plan to race the car, don't 
go overboard with trick parts.  You'll wind up with an undrivable and 
unreliable car that you spent lots of $ just to screw up.  

Just my $.0000000002 billion.

Andy Ramm
'67 Midget
'69 B

"When I was a toddler, my dad wanted me to learn to program, but my mom 
thought it would be better if I learned to read and write and spell."

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Hello Everyone,

        I plan on having the engine and transmission rebuilt on my '76
Midget. I would like to go with a higher displacement (i.e. 9:1 pistons).
What I need to know is what is involved, if anything, in going to the
higher displacement pistons. Is the higher displacment ratio caused by 
shape or by the size of the piston head itself. Also, are thier any other
special considerations I should take into account? I'd like to keep
everything as original as possible.
I have a Zenith-Stomberg carb- will this do, or will I have to go with a
different carb assembly? Will I have to have the lift of the valves
increased? I'm fairly new to all of this- but I LOVE MY CAR!! HELP!!
Roland Bolian-
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