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I started something, didnt I?

Subject: I started something, didnt I?
From: jason palmer <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 00:50:19 -0800
I didnt mean for this to get into a semi-heated discussion between the "I aint 
driving it if it 
runs on unleaded gas!" and "My roadster is just a toy to load and unload from 
the trailer."
extremes, eh?

In any other nation in the world, BMW is known as a sporting auto. But in the 
US since 1987-ish, 
BMW has become a status symbol. Up until the 1980s, you could say that BMW was 
several years 
behind the sporting saloons of Jaguar and Truimph. 
Poor management (quality, etc...) from British Leyland kept those marques from 
growing as BMW 
had. Jag has come about with fresh cash feom Ford, and HOPEFULLY Rover will 
follow with BMW. I 
would love to drive a 1997 Herald or Dolomite Sprint or Mini. If it takes BMW 
cash to introduce 
these cars, soooo? 
I want the ability to go to a showroom and see an MG, Triumph, or an Austin. 
(yes, Im an xgen, I 
didnt go see the MG-TR dealers at age 8.)

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