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Re: I started something, didnt I?

Subject: Re: I started something, didnt I?
From: R Glenn Stauffer <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 07:57:23 -0500 (EST)
> Poor management (quality, etc...) from British Leyland kept those marques 
> from growing as BMW had. Jag has come about with fresh cash feom Ford, and 
> HOPEFULLY Rover will follow with BMW. I would love to drive a 1997 Herald 
> or Dolomite Sprint or Mini. If it takes BMW cash to introduce these cars, 
> soooo? 

What I want to drive is a British car that IS a British car.  If
BMW/Ford/ are going to design distinctive vehicles that LOOK and FEEL
like the classic British machines - even if they are somewhat updated, fine.
But, if all they intend to build is the typical Japanese-look sedan/sports 
car, then the car is a Jag or an MG in name only designed to sell to the
fashion conscious like Harley's.  I'm not interested.  Now, if they build
a relatively cheap, fast car like the Mini Cooper S, I'm in line.  But, I
won't part with $20,000 for one.

Glenn Stauffer

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