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Re: I started something, didnt I?

Subject: Re: I started something, didnt I?
From: jason palmer <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 00:22:03 -0800
I have to agree. When VW was pumping out rabbits in westmoreland, PA, the cars 
were called chevy 
chevettes. No soul. We see how that experiment ended up. I would hope to think 
that technology, 
both for manufacture and materials are at the point that the cars will have the 
feel of British cars. (Hopefully, not the plastic-vinyl of my 80B.)

BMW hasnt had its reins on Rover long enough to show what it can do. Ford on 
the other hand let 
Jaguar build its new car with its history buried within it. Except for the 
blower, its almost 
exactly what I would expect if Jaguar's fortunes hadnt fizzled. 

If BMW wants to gets its Rover's worth, they will NOT alienate the people who 
buy british cars 
for its british-ness. A rebadged/decontented 3 series hatch called a Mini will 
not sell here or 
anywhere. I hope that Rover learned its lesson when it put MG badges on metros. 

I still cant believe that I have again defended BMW. Where are the keys to my 

> What I want to drive is a British car that IS a British car.  If
> BMW/Ford/ are going to design distinctive vehicles that LOOK and FEEL
> like the classic British machines - even if they are somewhat updated, fine.
> But, if all they intend to build is the typical Japanese-look sedan/sports
> car, then the car is a Jag or an MG in name only designed to sell to the
> fashion conscious like Harley's.  I'm not interested.  Now, if they build
> a relatively cheap, fast car like the Mini Cooper S, I'm in line.  But, I
> won't part with $20,000 for one.
> Glenn Stauffer

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