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Marque Bashing... was: Did You Read...

Subject: Marque Bashing... was: Did You Read...
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 07:50:52 -0500
Rob in Columbia writes:

>       As an owner of both an MG and a BMW I feel compelled to write.  I 
>have driven both types of cars for a number of years and enjoy both for 
>what they deliver.  They are very different in design and theory.  Each 
>has very good points and down sides.

About a month or so ago a few folks felt it was necesary to explain why they 
owned Miatas (myself included), in the face of searing criticisms by MG 
lovers.  Heck, I've got a brother who owns a BMW.  Look, folks, if we're 
going to beat up on other marques, lets do it to kids our own size; let's 
beat up on other British cars that haven't been made in around 15 years.  In 
the words of the late great Peter Cook:  "Be fair, be fair!"  Let's beat up 
on Triumphs and Healeys and Sunbeams and such.  Let's boil them in their own 
porridge!  For Harry, England and St. George!

Will "I'd rather push an MG..." Zehring

p.s.  Its not possible that winter is starting to... *GET* to me... is it?  
I'm going to lie down for a minute now...  just a minute or two...

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