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F experiences (was: RE: TD replica kit)

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Subject: F experiences (was: RE: TD replica kit)
From: Nigel Cliffe <>
Date: 17 Jan 1996 10:22:05 U wrote: 
> Ok spill the beans!!!!  Have to know what you think of the F!!!!

Its pretty good so far. Three or four minor faults, all sorted by the dealer
without any questions. I've only had it a fortnight, Alan Tong, who pops up
on the list occaisionally has had his three months, perhaps he could

> Just how much fun is it???  How Quick???  

Very easy to drive, goes round corners as if they're not there. Car Magazine
described the car's attitude to corners as "arrogant disdain", which about
sums it up.

Can't really tell how quick the car will be. I've done 400 miles so far, and
I'm breaking it in really gently. The demonstrator I drove back in October
was fast enough for me (manufacturer's claim 0-60 in 8.5sec). There's always
the faster VVC model for those who want it. You can hold conversations in a
normal voice, top down at ~100 mph. 

I found it less noisy and more comfortable than a Mazda Miata. This swung the
argument for me - the Mazda would be a great second car, but the MG is usable
as a sole car. I'll be selling my other car in the spring.
Some magazine reviewers prefer the Mazda's handling as being more "direct". I
suspect this was due to the MG tested being fitted with power steering. You
don't need power steering for town driving or parking, and I'd recommend
doing without.

Seats are very comfortable. The steering wheel is a little low, and I'd have
liked a height adjustable steering column (that seems to have vanished from
UK cars since airbags arrived as standard fitments). Gear change is
acceptable, more precise than many a FWD family car, but nothing like the

>         And how about those modern conveniances.  

You mean electric windows, no leaks from the hood which goes up in 10 seconds
(looks so similar to the Mazda Miata's hood design that I'm suspicious that
the same person designed the hood frames for both, though the MG has one-up
on the Mazda as the plastic window is replaceable :-) ). Modern heater, RDS

I assume the Airbag and the ABS bit of the brakes works, I hope not to need
them :-). 
Boot (trunk) space is good at 7.4 cu ft, the spare is up front, so doesn't
eat into luggage space (similar shape to a 'curvy' Toyota MR2).
The factory fitted alarm/engine imobiliser looks effective. The alarm
includes microwave within the car, so its armed with the top down. Its very
simple to set and un-lock.

I didn't order many extras, so can't comment on CD player, air conditioning,
luggage rack, hard top, leather seats, etc.

>                     We most likely won't be able to find out first
> hand for bout 5 years!!!!!!   What a world!!!!

Probably worth the wait. The test is whether the BMW Z3 or the MG is the
better car at the price. UK magazine verdict was in favour of the MG, but
only just and mainly because its ~20% cheaper in the UK. I also expect that
ownership costs (insurance and servicing) for the MG will be lower in the UK.
They are different cars, with differing vices and virtues, but I think they
should be given a fair comparison. As the BMW is made in the states, the
price differences may work out the other way round for you, and swing the
balance in favour of the BMW.

- Nigel.

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