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Re: Mileage

Subject: Re: Mileage
From: (David Councill)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 08:10:54 -0700
Bruce Pyle wrote:

>I have had a 78B for 7months.  Have only used it for local driving. Before
>and after engine rebuild get about 15 mpg.  Is this reasonable?
>---Never wrench your back or overtighten your nuts---

Alas my 71 BGT has been used solely for city driving the past few years,
and its mileage is similar. It runs 15-18 mpg, and currently is running at
15 mpg because the cold Montana winters also reduce the mileage due to the
cold starts.

Some ten years ago, my BGT was used solely for highway driving in a daily
commute of 52 miles each way. At that time it ran from 24-27 mpg depending
on the time of year and how well the car was running. The terrain was hilly
which also reduced mileage; in the flatlands, it could run in the low

David Councill

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