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Original MGA Manual

Subject: Original MGA Manual
From: Scott Hower <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 96 13:26:01 EST
MG Scions-

I spent the morning perusing a swapmeet here in PA
and found a vendor selling many unique British service
items/literature.  It appeared as if this guy had either
run a dealership or more likely purchased the remains
of one.  Among the more interesting bits were many original
BMC service manuals including a very clean hardbound MGA
manual (circa '56) for $25 and an NOS Austin Healey 100Z
leatherbound manual (for $100).  I bought a nice British
Leyland blue fender cover for 8 bucks.  This chap also
had many musty smelling original sales brochures and owners
manuals dating as far back as 1934.  If anyone is looking
for a genuine manual or ad, this show runs through the
weekend- give me call at (610) 799-5616 and I'll give you 


in his stuff, give me a call at (610) 799-5616 and I'll  

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