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Re: What color?

Subject: Re: What color?
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 10:22:29 PST
Ray Gibbons responded to Mike Leckstein's question about PA colors:

> I think a creamy OE white would look handsome with a medium blue interior. 
> I thought a lot about blues when I was picking the color for my bugeye; I
> did not want the original Iris Blue, but thought I might find something
> fairly close that I would like better.  In modern colors, there are rather
> few blues without metallic.  One color I liked was available on
> Triumphs--I think on TR6's, which I believe was called French Blue, and 
> Ford had a pretty blue available in the early 90s.   If you talk nicely 
> to the counter person at a PPG paint dealer, he will give you a brochure 
> of fleet color samples, which might give you some ideas.  

Well, if we're going non-original _and_ non British, Porsche made a gorgeous 
light blue called "ice blue."  It's the lightest blue I've ever seen and it 
was on a convertible 911 with a biscuit interior and top, sometime around '83, 
'84.  Beeyootiful!  But then I do have "girl" tastes.  And I hate the Three 

Denise Thorpe

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