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Re: Paint types

To: Michael MacLeod <>
Subject: Re: Paint types
From: "S. L. Hower" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 12:46:42 -0500 (EST)
On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Michael MacLeod wrote:

> ... painted in Sikkens Black w/ several coats of Clear 5 years ago
> Tough?  Two years ago I stressed my heart muscle something fierce as I
> watched my front License Plate frame w/ Plate and Brackets drop from a 6ft
> It's hardly noticable...

  Along the same lines, I painted my B a few months ago in Damask
  red (deep maroon) with '21 Line Glasurit'- a catalyzed acrylic 

  (faint of heart stop here.....)

  While hanging one of the doors, I tripped over the cord of
  my tripod spotlight- knocking it over and into the door along
  the crease for the trim strip.  The paint did not chip, although
  the light head did create a tiny ding. Fortunately the trim strip
  covers it.  Cords now hang from the the ceiling.
  (...faint of heart resume here. )

  Regarding paint: three comments were almost universally mentioned
  when I solicited advice from this group regarding the subject:

  1.) the quality of the final job is directly proportional to the
      quality of the surface prep (much more so than the paint 
      type/brand or spray equipment )
  2.) in general, catalyzed urethane/enamel paint will cure harder
      than acrylic lacquer but not 'flow' as smooth- resulting in
      a somewhat less shiny 'orange peel' effect. 
  3.) Paint type and brand are personal/religious issues, but it is 
      recommended to stick with a single vendors primers/paint/clear
  I could not agree more.  I opted for urethane for durability. 
  It took many hours of careful wetsanding (primer and paint) and
  buffing to achieve a really wet glasslike surface.  YMVM, etc.

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