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Got 79 MGB running, need info on tuning..

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Subject: Got 79 MGB running, need info on tuning..
From: 007 <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:43:31 -0800 (PST)
Thanks everyone for the information several weeks ago on the Grose Jet vs 
non-Grose jet controversy.  I pulled my carb to check the Grose jet - it 
appeared to run correctly, so I didn't change it.  It turns out that the 
problem I had was the orientation of that aluminum cylinder in the carb - 
I knew that there are markings on the rubber skirt that force correct 
alignment, but, due to a case of brain fade, I installed it wrong - ergo, 
no workie.....

Anyway, the MG starts & runs OK now, but I'm not sure how to tune the 
carb for max performance - the manual sez something about using a CO 
sniffer to set the idle mixture - does anyone have a lower-tech way of 
adjusting the carb???

Jim 'At work - hitek, in the MGB - lotek' Mellander

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