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Where are the 76B's !

Subject: Where are the 76B's !
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 96 10:06 PST
Sorry to bomb the list again, but where are you when I need you!
Can any one help me identify the location for a pair of brown wires (a heavy
& a lighter gauge wire both terminate together in a common molded female
spade connector). The wires come from the loom between the starter relay and
the fuse box, about where the rear and front looms join below the windshield
washer tank. There are several heavy gauge brown wires that all come out
together, 4 of them, with insulated spades, join in that rectangular 'free
floating, white plastic thingy', another brown wire goes to the starter
relay. These wires come out at the same point and I don't know what or where
to attach the connector. I know it is hot always, coming from the starter
battery connection. So is it not used or could it be for driving lamp relay?
I didn't make notes before removal, I guess I learned my lesson, right?     
My schematic does not seem to help me any. I thought with my other cars I
have, it would be a breeze to figure this out, but they are all sufficiently
different to be of no help at all. They don't have this large & small wire
together in the one connector, must be a change in build somewhere at S/N?
It should be easy to identify the wire as I think it is the only connector
termination with the dissimilar wire sizes.
To help  'narrow the window'  My car ID  # GHNU5/UG-397114G, anyone with a
car with a similar S/N, could you check and report back please. - John.
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