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Re: Electronic Ignition

Subject: Re: Electronic Ignition
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 22:47:57 -0500
>Victoria British is running a sale on Crane Cams electronic ignition 
>sets for the MGA.  Their price is usually $109.95, but until 
>February they are offering it at $89.95.  This is below the cost of 
>the Piranha unit which my shop usually recommends.  I have never heard 
>of Crane Cams and know nothing about them.  Anyone out there who can 
>offer a comment, one way or another?

    1)  This is the "Allison Unit", oft mentioned.
        Crane bought Allison some time ago.
        A decent unit.  Their coils are not bad

    2)  The hardware that goes in the distributor
        is a tad "too" universal, and the astute
        student of high-reliability will want to
        design and fabricate a better bracket
        for the optical sensor.  (Not too tough).

    3)  As far as I know, Crane Cams STILL backs their
        product with a lifetime warranty.  If yours
        dies, they will Fed-X you a new one.  This
        happened to me in 1989, and I had a new
        one by 10:30am, installed it by 11:00am.

    4)  Any electronic ignition system can fail, so
        I have two now, and have a toggle switch 
        mounted near the fuse box that allows an
        instant switchover in the event of a failure.
        The "box" can die, the optical sensor cannot.
        With proper connectors (check with your local
        electronics store - ask for AMP connectors,
        and show them what you have), you need not 
        cut their wires, which as I recall, "voids" 
        their warranty to have a "live spare".

    5)  Conversion "back to points" can be done in
        the time it might take you to change points
        now, since the optical assembly does not
        require modifications to the distributor.

    6)  A good idea is to remove the little squarish
        plastic part that acts as a pass-though for the
        wire that exits the side of your distibutor.
        Fabricate a new one, and drill it to accept
        the optical sensor wire.  The original wire
        can then be placed in the trunk spares kit 
        with your points "just in case".

No one can afford a truly open mind, since it would allow the first 
foolish idea that came along to walk in and take over the joint.
 james fischer             

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