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Re: Electronic Ignition

Subject: Re: Electronic Ignition
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 10:42:21 -0500
At Fri, 26 Jan 96 08:33:03 EST, Mark A. Dodd, WL/ELOD, X55581/64158 
> The Lumenition system does have a lifetime warranty.  And that applies 
> even if the car is raced!  I still have my hopes....

...and if it breaks, you've probably got to wait for the unit to come over on a 
slow boat from Jollye Olde Englande.  I've got no problem twiddling with a 
custom bracket for the Crane unit, and the FedEx replacement concept sells me.  
I also know that if I hate the kit I can sell it to ppl with any kind of car.  
The Lumenition would not offer the resale potential if I decided to go back to 
points.  I'm on a bit of a budget.

FWIW, I'm sold on the Crane unit (uncle uses one in his Civic 1200 autocrosser 
and in his AMC hornet... with much success).  I'll be ordering one as soon as I 
find out what my headwork is going to cost.

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